Flood Relief Projects

Fall 2014

During the catastrophic floods in Serbia in May of 2014 a number of Health Centers in the affected areas were partially submerged in water causing substantial property and equipment damage. SAMA has swiftly reached out to as many centers as we could offering help. We had immediately set up a Flood Relief Fund and in a very short time received $15,400.00 in donations.

Below are the details on the projects done so far. Our efforts to help flood affected areas continue!

Health Centers in Svilajnac, Požega and Paraćin

We were able to immediately answer urgent requests for basic supplies to clean up and disinfect the facility and equipment and resupply medical materials lost in the flooding. We are proud to say that our volunteers in Serbia were able to deliver help to Centers in Svilajnac and Požega within two weeks of flooding and to the Center in Paraćin as soon as their needs were identified. Total of $5,000 worth of supplies were distributed this way.

Health Center Krupanj: Defibrillator

Krupanj was one of the areas hit hardest with the recent floods. To make things worse, they were already lacking some basic medical equipment such as defibrillators. SAMA defined a project and purchased a Schiller Defigard 4000 defibrillator through a Schiller representative in Serbia.

This defibrillator was delivered to Dr. Petar Petrović, the director of the HC in Krupanj on October 17th, 2014 by Schiller representative Mr. Milan Krković.

Of special note is that as a humanitarian organization, we  were able to purchase this equipment VAT (PDV) free. The PDV tax is 20%. We are thankful to the Ministry of Health and Mr. Aleksandar Ranković, as well as representatives from Schiller d.o.o., especially Mr. Milan Krković, guiding us through the PDV exempt process.This is the first time we were going through such a process, and we are hoping that from now on it will save us significant funds. Consequently, we will be able to help more people in Serbia.