Health Center Lučani – update

October 2018

November 9th, 2018: Biomicroscop delivered to Health Center in Lučani

In October, SAMA purchased a new Carl Zeiss biomicroscop for the Health Center in Lučani, which will enable doctors to detect any eye anomalies such as cataracts, a detachment or damage of a retina, glaucoma etc. New biomicroscop was delivered to Health Center  on November 2nd, the training was held on November 9th, and already on November 13th, the first patients were examined. The delivery of biomicroscop made celebration of HC Slava Sv Vrači even more festive. Marko Erić from Čačak helped SAMA pro/bono with the transport and delivery of the biomicroscop.

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Health Center Lučani

Summer 2016

The Health Center in Lučani serves municipality of about 20000 people. Together with the Health Center in Guča, they also serve 8 rural ambulancies, visited by doctors on a weekly basis. The whole area of Guča was very affected by flooding in March of 2016 (it was also affected by flooding in 2014). The numerous equipment in the HC Lučani was damaged during the floods. Due to the loss of sterilization equipment, all the instruments and other material had to be taken by ambulance to Guča, 17km away for regular sterilization. That was significantly reducing the availability of the ambulance car to the local population. In addition, the HC in Lučani lacked very basic ECG monitor.

SAMA Board member Verica Seničić was in contact with Dr. Gašović, director of the HC in Lučani and suggested a SAMA project. We collected the funds during the SAMA 2016 Annual Walk, and started procurement of new 12-channel electrocardiogram (Schiller AT 101) and a new 60 liter autoclave (sterilizator) (Shinva MOST T60).

New ECG was delivered to HC in Lučani on August 15th by Schiller representative in Serbia, Mr. Milan Krković.

Dr. Gordana Gasovic with Lucani HC staff and new EKG

New EKG donated by SAMA

On October 4th, 2016, SAMA Board Members Verica Seničić, Dr. Ivan Aksentijevich and Zoran Mladenović visited the Health Center in Lučani. On that same day, Marko Djordjević from Medipro MPM installed a new 60 liter autoclave Shinva T60, donated by SAMA. The new autoclave perfectly fits the needs of the Lučani HC.

Dr Gordana Gašović with SAMA members and new autoclave donated by SAMA