Air Conditioning Units for Serbian Hospitals

Summer 2013

Many hospitals in Serbia are not equipped with cooling units. This particularly affects babies, new mothers, children, and older patients, especially the ones with chronic diseases and the post-op patient. After recovering from various surgeries, patients are often crammed together in rooms where the temperatures can reach 110 -120F. In addition to being extremely uncomfortable, these patients who are often bed-bound, are exposed to a significant risk for post-operative infections due to the high temperatures, and humidity. See video

In 2013, SAMA initiated a yearly campaign to buy and install AC units for patient’s rooms in Hospital. These AC units were purchased directly by SAMA and delivered to the hospitals, where they were installed by contractors hired directly by SAMA.

In a single fundraiser event, in June 2013, SAMA raised enough money to purchase and install 10 AC units. We were able to install 4 AC units in the Pediatric ward of the Neurosurgical Hospital in Belgrade, 4 units in the Pediatric ENT ward of the Hospital “Dragiša Mišović” in Čačak, and 2 units in the adult Urology ward of the General Hospital in Kraljevo.

We would like to continue this initiative every year.

Čačak Hospital – Pediatric ward

Kraljevo Hospital – Urology ward

Neurosurgical Hospital – Belgrade