Microscope and Fetal Monitor

for HC in Mali Idjoš

January 2014

Cervical cancer is the second most common female malignancy in Serbia, after breast cancer.  With an incidence of about 1,500 cases yearly, it is the fourth leading cause of cancer death in the country. Compared with other European countries, the incidence of cervical cancer in Serbia is the highest.

While a simple screening test for cervical cancer (PAP smear – cervical cell in suspension are examined with a microscope next to the patient in just couple of minutes) has been associated with a sustained reduction in cervical cancer incidence and mortality, this method of cancer prevention in Serbia has relied on opportunistic screening that is characterized by an extremely low coverage in rural areas.

In the villages of Mali Iđoš, Lovćenac and Feketić, more than 4000 women are examined every year. However, because of a lack of a microscope, the most basic screening PAP smear examination has never been done.

See Serbia Trip Report by Dr. Ivan Aksentijevich. We also visited again HC in Mali Idjoš in September 2015. You can read our trip report.

This was true until SAMA purchased and donated a high-resolution microscope with multiple lenses and other accessories worth $4,240 to be used for cervical cancer screening.

Furthermore, to help women of these villages with their pregnancies, SAMA also donated an electronic fetal monitor worth $3,540 to the Health Center.