Loznica Hospital

January 2019

In the Fall of 2015, SAMA has donated a new ECG to the Pediatric Department of hospital in Loznica. Dr. Mirko Mrdjen contacted SAMA again in May, 2017  asking SAMA to donate a new defibrillator. Letter from Dr. Mrdjen is displayed below. SAMA decided to collect the funds for new defibrillator during our 2nd Annual SAMA Walk in Toronto. After money was collected, we engaged with Trivax, purchased the new defibrillator and in early August delivered it to hospital in Loznica.

Letter from Dr. Mrdjen

Dear Mr/Ms,
My name is Mirko Mrdjen and I work in Department for pediatrics of General hospital in Loznica, Serbia. Also, I’m children cardiologist and  lead Department for pediatric cardiology.
My work as a cardiologist includes general cardiologic examinations (auscultation, ECG, blood pressure measurement). Also we use additional methods for assessment of patients (echocardiography, treadmill ergometry, 24 hours ECG holter monitoring, 24 hours blood pressure monitoring).
Unfortunately, despite of my own enthusiasm and optimism, there is an obvious lack of modern devices for better and more exact examination.
In January 2016. we got a very precious donation from SAMA, a new and modern ECG device which helps us a lot.
But, unfortunately in our Department we still don’t have Cardioverter defibrillator. So, we are in danger that we couldn’t help a vital endangered patients and we could lose cherished time directing patient to Department for Internal diseases with existing device, but, unfortunately, adequate for adults again.
Recently we had such a case-a boy suffering from Hypertrophyc cardiomyopathy who experienced a cardiac arrest. Thanks to God, and lucky circumstances that the staff and  Defibrillator device from Emergency Unit  were available at this moment, the boys life was saved.I’m writing to your organization In good hope that you can help us to improve our work with children  with heart problems by possible donation of  a Cardioverter Defibilator. This device is really and vary indispensable  for us.
We will use these device with a huge thankfulness and full responsibility (as well as we use the ECG device donated by SAMA). You can check this data to make sure that we will doing our work responsibly and correctly and that we justified trust given to us from you .
I’m sending to you my best wishes.and will be very happy to hearing from you.
Yours faithfully,
Dr Mirko Mrdjen
pediatrician and cardiologist
General Hospital
Loznica, Serbia
Adress: Opšta bolnica Loznica
Ulica: dr Marina br.65 Loznica
Phone (switchboard) 00 387 15 873 333-extensions 286, 116
Cell phone 00 387 64 43 00 569

August 9th, 2018: New defibrillator delivered to Hospital in Loznica

New Nihon-Kohden 1521K defibrillator with pads for children was delivered to Dr Mirko Mrdjen at the Hospital in Loznica. Money for this donation was collected by SAMA-Canada during the 2nd Annual SAMA Walk in Toronto. Again many thanks to all who contributed to this small but beautiful project!

20180809_121857 20180809_121817IMG_0001

Local News about this donation

January 2016 – ECG Donation

Dr Mirko Mrdjen, child cardiologist and lead at the Department for Pediatric Cardiology at Loznica Hospital, contacted SAMA in early September 2015 expressing the need for a new ECG machine. The Hospital received various donations in the past, but the Pediatric Cardiology department was in urgent need of a new ECG machine. The department had two old ECG machines that were often out of order. After discussions with Dr. Mrdjen, it was jointly determined that the right machine is the Schiller AT-102 Plus.

new-schiller-ecg dr-mirko-mrdjen-with-the-new-schiller-ecg

News about this donation on the hospital web site