New Ultrasound System for Hospital in Požega

January 2015

Media Coverage

The HC in Požega serves the municipalities of Požega and Kosjerić. These municipalities are located along the very busy North/South highway (“Ibarska magistrala”), which is well known for its numerous traffic accidents. Thus, the HC serves not only the populations of these municipalities but also the victims of car accidents.

During the recent flooding, both these municipalities were hit very hard. Within ten minutes of the levy breaking near the HC, it was flooded with up to five feet of water. The water damaged precious medical instruments, IT equipment, laptops etc. After the water receded, two feet of mud were left to be cleaned.

SAMA responded quickly and provided the initial quantity of medical cleaning supplies and disinfectants back in May. Although this initial aid was greatly appreciated, we soon learned from Dr. Vera Matović, director of the HC, that the HC lacked a working ultrasound system. The one that they owned at the time, a Toshiba from 1975 (see picture) was greatly damaged, and could not be repaired due to the lack of spare parts.

Working with Dr. Matović and her staff, we concluded that a Mindray Z6 ultrasound system would provide all the desired diagnostic capabilities, while remaining very cost efficient. Ultrasound systems of similar capabilities typically run well over $20k. SAMA received very competitive offer from Medigala d.o.o. in Belgrade, the exclusive distributor for Mindray equipment in Serbia for complete Mindray Z6 ultrasound system including 3 probes and a full cardiology package. Also, very important, we are excluded from paying import duties or a PDV of 20%.

Correspondence with Dr. Matović

We are in the process of finalizing contract with Medigala d.o.o., Belgrade for purchase of Mindray Z6 ultrasound system for the HC in Požega. We hope to be able to deliver this system to the HC of Požega by the end of 2014.

Update Dec. 20, 2014:  Contract with Medigala has been finalized, and we wired the payment. We will keep you posted on the expected delivery date.

Funds for this project were collected during SAMA 2014 Fall Fundraiser.

We subsequently visited HC in Požega in September 2015. You can read our trip report.