Vranje Hospital Pediatrics Ward Renovation – Phase 2

August/September 2016

We successfully completed the first phase of renovations for the Pediatric Ward at Vranje Hospital in April 2016. This is a major improvement for the quality of health care provided, in terms of overall sanitary conditions, and comfort for both patients and doctors. During the course of renovations, it was obvious that the Pediatric Ward had numerous other needs. The walls and floors were in pretty bad condition, requiring painting and replacement. Additionally, furniture (beds, mattresses, etc.) is in need of major upgrade. We continued our discussion with Dr. Parezanović on how SAMA can help further, and what it would take to paint the walls and replace the floors. Some of the offered solutions were clearly out of reach for SAMA. We ultimately established contact with SRMA Group and Dragoljub Prijić through the Humanitarian Organization Serbs for Serbs.

In the mean time, Dr. Parezanović and her team were able to secure a donation from another humanitarian organization to paint the Ward. SAMA focused on replacing the floor, executed by SRMA Group. SAMA signed a contract with SRMA Group and Vranje Hospital in mid July. As of late August 2016, new flooring has been installed on the first and second floor. By September 8th, new flooring was installed on the 3rd floor as well.

We visited Vranje Hospital in September 2015 and provided update in our trip report.