Ultrasound Probe for Health Center Subotica

October 2014

One of the stated SAMA goals is to help improve the health care of babies and children in particular. We organized a walk in May 2014 with the objective to collect money and purchase an ultrasound probe for the Health Center in Subotica. The probe is used in cranial ultrasound scanning for premature and sick babies.

HC Subotica required a probe that would be compatible with the ultrasound equipment that they already have (Mindray DC6) – Mindray multi-frequency transducer 6C2.

We contacted Medigala d.o.o. which is the exclusive distributor of Mindray equipment in Serbia. Again we were able to purchase this probe without paying duty or VAT.

Update 10/31/14: DELIVERED!!!!!

On October 31st, 2014, Mr. Srdjan Mesarović, Director of Sales at Medigala d.o.o. and SAMA board member Zoran Mladenović delivered the ultrasound probe to the HC in Subotica. We met with Dr. Mila Dujmić-Bogdanović, director of the HC, Dr. Branka Martić, Vesna Peić, and other staff members of the HC in Subotica.

After probe installation, we had informative and pleasant discussion. During the discussion, we learned that Dr. Martić essentially covers with pediatric ultrasound diagnostics the whole region of Subotica, and that even children from the Hospital are brought to the HC for ultrasound diagnostics. Needless to say that Dr. Martić and other members of the HC staff were very grateful for SAMA’s donation.