Message to Doctors

There are many medical professionals, physicians, dentists and scientists, in the US who are already helping or willing to help.  SAMA would like to serve as an instrument to coordinate and facilitate communication between students and young physicians from Serbia and the providers in the United States.

We are reaching out to all medical professionals, clinicians and academicians, who are interested in volunteering their time and effort to support this important cause for Serbia and all of us.  We would like to make a list of Doctors (M.D., D.D.S., R.N. and Ph.D.) who are willing to serve as mentor in their clinic or laboratories.  SAMA would support some of the cost associated with this action.

SAMA is open to working with anyone who is willing to further SAMA’s missions.  We are open to all suggestions

Please contact us at  if:

  • If you are a clinician or a scientist interested in mentoring a Serbian students or young physician for observership.
  • If you are wiling to give a seminar in Serbia.
  • Or if you have any other ideas or suggestion

When you contact us, please provide the following information:





Available from-until:

Other projects you would like to help with: