Health Studies

Masterplan Zdrastva

Plan for health care system development for the republic of Serbia, including the health care system optimizations. Done as part of World Bank project for the Ministry of Health. Work was mainly done by consultants from Croatia.  It is certainly step in the right direction, however, it does not offer long term direction (5-10 years), and the suggested steps sometimes seem more cosmetic then substantial.

More info could be found on the site:

Public presentation and discussion on Masterplan could be found here:

Kakvo nam je zdravlje?

Pretty comprehensive study done in 2017 and available only in Serbian. Study is done by CEVES – Center for Advanced Economic Studies for Open Society Foundation Serbia. Heavily referenced in the Masterplan Zdrastva

OECD Health at a Glance 2019

OECD does Health at a Glance study every 2 years and it typically covers OECD members. In some versions, there was partial coverage of Serbia (Kakvo nam je zdravlje references OECD studies quite extensively).

The main problem is that data collected by Serbia’s Institute for Public Health “Dr. Milan Jovanovic Batut” is not conforming to OECD standard data formats, making any comparison with other OECD countries very limited if doable at all.

Older OECD studies can be found here.